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“When I was 7, I started questioning the magic of Christmas. It was just me and Mom; there were nights when she fed me, but didn’t eat herself. She convinced me to write a letter to Santa: sure enough on Christmas day, there were toys waiting under the tree for me as well as a feast. That day I knew that Christmas magic was real. I’ve never stopped believing in that magic and it makes the Secret Santa program very near and dear to my heart. Secret Santa: I’ve mailed a check in the hopes that it reminds others of the miracle of Christmas.”

— Susan


“Thank you for your generous donation and support to my cancer fight. This is my second time with cancer, so my family and I know all too well the emotional and financial stress fighting cancer entails.”

— Eliza 


“Sending a big ‘thank you’ to all of the CVNL people! We appreciate your hard work. We received a gift card this was very needed and I can’t express how grateful me and my husband are to you all.”

— Carrie & Crist 


“Thank you so much for you kind donation to me. It is people such as you who hold the giving/receiving circle open.”

— Barbara

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